Is physiotherapy it? Physiotherapy is a special coach who works with patients to restore the activity, strength and movement of patients including patients who had injuries or surgery. Physiotherapy can train patients with specific sports, a variety of techniques and use some special tools to overcome problems faced by patients who can not be overcome with physiotherapy exercises.

Why is physical therapy important?
Physiotherapy is important in terms of orthopedic for two main reasons
· First, the type of orthopedic patients have a deficiency that requires treatment. For example, patients with carpal Tunel syndrome (tunnel syndrome at the wrist bone) has a particular weakness in the muscles of his arms and takes target practice to restore fugsinya. Or at the knee joint as an example has chondromalacia imbalance in the muscles around the knee joint. A physiotherapist can teach patients with specific exercises for these muscles in order to improve function and reduce the problem.
· Second, physiotherapy knowledgeable about operating procedures, purpose of the exercise, muscle and bone anatomy, and can adjust the conditions to improve motion and function of the patient. After learning the operating procedures such as hip replacement, it is very important to know the treatment given to patients according to operating procedures. Several limitations affect the operation of motion and joint motion area, for that someone who knows more about the issues surrounding the operation procedures required to restore motion and function of the patient so that the goal is reached separate dapt

Many orthopedic problems can be handled without interfering hands of a physiotherapist. Often a simple exercise or penguluran can help patients to improve his condition. However, too many complications of orthopedic conditions that require special training with physiotherapy to treat patients.

Is the most important thing to do physiotherapy
Physiotherapy has a lot of rehabilitation equipment, some special skills that are owned by a physiotherapist:
Streetching If patients have joint stiffness, normal activities such as opening a bottle or up the stairs sometimes disrupted. With proper , limitations of this function can be overcome. If there is injury or surgery, scar tissue and soft tissue contraction is the result and penguluran important to do.
o Strengthening / strengthening
strengthening exercises done to help patients improve the functioning of the muscle. The ultimate goal is to increase strength, endurance and keep improving joint range of motion. The most common type of strengthening exercises are:
o Closed Chain
Dilakuka closed chain exercises with your feet locked to the ground. For example is the leg Squat. The purpose of this exercise for balance and muscle strength. By doing this legsquat weak muscles of quadriceps and hamstring his opponent, the two contracts so that both strength and muscle balance is achieved. Open chain exercises like leg extensions and balance the muscle strength is not reached.
o proprioceptive
Propiosepsi is a sense to know where the parts of the body. This may be difficult when you konsepe decree anything holding it until you lose the thing, because so much propiosepsi work without your knowing it. When you lose propiosepsi, as for example the joint after ankle sprain / ligament injury, patients often complain of instability sensation in the joint. Exercise your body directs propiosepsi to control the position of the injured joint.
• Ice and Heat Therapy
Cold and hot intended to warm and cool the muscles, as the record of this modality can increase blood flow and can reduce swelling. This is probably the most important aspect in the therapeutic process
• Ultrasound
Ultrasound uses high frequency sound waves (not within the range we can hear) to stimulate the deep tissues within the body. By passing an ultrasound probe over the body, deep tissues are stimulated by the vibration of the sound wave. This leads to warming and increased blood flow to these tissues.
• Electrical Stimulation
Electrical stimulation therapy is using electricity. By installing the electric current in the relevant area / experiencing pain, the nerves that deliver pain changed. Patients often feel the pain is reduced after treatment.
• Aquatic Therapy
Aquatic therapy or treatment with water is the best way to restore back movement and maintain the strength and the exercise is performed dikolam pool. This exercise became very famous later this year because many patients are difficult to be able to exercise when done in water. The power to help the body to float and the water also gives prisoners gentle / slowly increasing strength and stamina.
• Biofeedback
Biofeedback is to use various tools to enhance one or a weak muscle group.

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